Tall Size Guide

Tall Womens Clothing & Tall Girls Clothes Long Tall Sizes Guide

Tall Designers tall Sizes

Please order, tall womens clothing and tall girls clothes sizes according to your Actual Body Measurements

6 2 32
30/31" - 76/79cm
22/23" - 56/58cm
32/33" - 81/84cm
8 4 34
31/32" - 79/81cm
23/24" - 58/61cm
33/34" - 84/86cm
10 6 36
33/34" - 84/86cm
25/26" - 64/66cm
35/36" - 89/91cm
12 8 38
35/36 - 89/91cm
27/28" - 69/71cm
37/38" - 94/96cm
14 10 40
37/38" - 94/96cm
29/30" - 74/76cm
39/40" - 99/101cm
16 12 42
39/40" - 99/101cm
31/32" - 79/81cm
41/42" - 104/106cm
18 14 44
41/42" - 104/106cm
33/34" - 84/86cm
43/44" - 109/111cm
20 16 46
43/44" - 109/111cm
36/37" - 91/94cm
46/47" - 114/119cm
22 18 48
45/46" - 114/117cm
38/39" - 96/99cm
48/49" - 122/124cm
24 20 50
47/48" - 119/122cm
40/41" - 101/104cm
50/51" - 127/130cm
Small, Medium and Large Sizes
31/34" - 79/86cm
23/26" - 58/66cm
33/36" - 84/91cm
35/38" - 89/96cm
27/30" - 69/76cm
37/40" - 94/101cm
LARGE 16/18-UK
39/42" - 99/106cm
31/34" - 79/86cm
41/44" - 104/111cm
X LARGE 20/22-UK
43/46" - 109/117cm
35/38" - 89/97cm
45/48" - 114/122cm
Small/ Medium - Medium/Large Large/Extra Large Sizes
Small/M 10/12-UK
32/36" - 81/91cm
24/28" - 61/71cm
34/38" - 86/97cm
M/Large 14/16-UK
37/39" - 94/99cm
29/31" - 74/81cm
39/41" - 99/104cm
Large/XL 18/20-UK
40/44" - 101/111cm
32/37" - 81/94cm
42/47" - 106/119cm
Sleeve Lengths - Length from the seam of the shoulder
UK18 & +
FREE SIZE - ONE SIZE to fit usually size 8-14 UK ( 4-10 US ) ( 34-40 EU ) or stated otherwise.
Tall women tall girls clothes may vary in size specification depending on the style and ease allowance but will still fit your tall body size indicated.


How to choose correct specialized clothes for tall people, tall girls & tall womens clothing sizes.

Tall and All.com for tall women clothing and tall girls clothes tall pants, tall trousers, tall low slung hipsters and tall ultra low slung hipsters demands the most perfect proportioned tall fit. Tall and all.com is on of the most specialized and experienced tall women and tall girls tall clothing designers and producers in the world for this field of work. Tall women's, tall girls, feminine, no-fuss, clean fit modern tall clothes with simplicity of design, styles, elegance, comfort and sensible prices by the British Designers.

Our Model:
To help you determine the look of the styles and how it fits the body, we are using UK10 size model according to our actual body measurements and use UK10 size clothes for photographic purpose. It also shows the difference between normal tall trousers-pants, hipsters and ultra low slung hipsters which you can see from models belly button and can judge yourself with reasonable accuracy how the garment is going to fit on you body if tall size ordered is correct.

Designers request:
Please measure yourself correctly because the fit of tall clothes specially pants, trousers and skirts categories ultimately depends on the accuracy of your own (waist-hips) correct body measurements which than translate into size which is used for guide purpose only, so the most important thing for correct fitting is your own real body measurements. All our tall women and tall girls clothing sizes are based only on actual and correctly taken body measurements. In other words it is not that size which you probably have been buying from other retailers ( because in our experience there are no two retailers in the whole world whose size fittings are the same for reasons of wearing ease and style ease allowances) but your actual body measurements which you translate into tallandall size for accurate proportion fit for your tall body.

Close Fit:
Tall and All.com create close fit tall women and tall girls clothing only with fabrics which contains substances to make them stretch or have some type of built in fabric property in such a way to give some stretch or such a style cut (bias-cut) to make them stretch at required places, usually waist, hips, upper thigh and will mould smoothly over your tall body at right places to enhance your figure, we call this fit as body hugging, figure enhancer's tall clothes and require a lot of experience, which we possess to make them fit on your tall body without compromising style, looks, comfort and mobility for young tall women and tall girls. We can do it because we are The Tall Women Girls Clothes Specialist Designers.Recommended mostly suitable for tall young women, young at heart tall women and tall girls.

Regular Fit:
Tall and All.com creates regular fit tall women and tall girls fashion styles usually but not always with fabrics without stretch qualities or not enough stretch in our opinion to make real close enough fit for comfort. Some times regular fit items are made with stretch fabrics depending on style and fashion trends. Recommended mostly suitable for all tall women and tall girls.

Loose, Comfortable or Generous Fit:
Tall and all.com design loose, Comfortable or Generous fit items for ease of wear in latest fashion styles and fabrics. Items can be made with any type of fabric. A little more ease allowence than regular fit. Suggested suitability for all tall women and tall girls.

How to measure yourself

Bust: Measure across fullest part and across shoulder blade.

Waist: Measure around your natural waist line.

Hips: Measure around the widest part of your hips.

In-seam or Inside Leg: Measure from the top-most of inside legs at the crutch to the desired length.

Sleeve length: Measure from the top of the shoulder to wrist.

Outside Leg: Measure from side of your body starting from your natural waist line over the side hips and all the way down with side seam to the desire length of the pants-trousers-hipsters or any other item.

Hipsters-Low rise, Ultra low rise hipsters, low waisted , Low slung and ultra low slung hipsters:

Order according to your actual natural waist measurements and we will accurately work out your low rise jeans-pants hipsters and ultra low rise jeans-pants hipsters waist measurements.

Tips for Tall People Clothing:

If your hips are larger in proportion than your waist measurement for size purpose than we suggest ordering according to the hips measurements because waist can be reduced if required than increasing the hips area which in most cases is impossible if there is no extra fabric for expansion and usually there is none.

If your waist is larger in proportion than hips than we suggest ordering according to your waist measurements because hips area can be reduced.

In other words order by waist or hips whichever is large because measurements of the garments can only be reduced in most cases if at all.